How To Call UK From Vonage

How Can I Make An International Call To Vonage?

After entering the country code 240 area code and 302 area code, and the number you wish to call, dial. To help you identify the reason why your international call is not being completed, you can use our Troubleshooting Tool.

Are You A Vonage Resident, And Would You Like To Hear From Your Friends In The UK?

Vonage allows the Call Nation Virtual numbers to be inexpensive and straightforward. You get a phone number from another country or international location, and it rings on your home telephone. Vonage World also allows unlimited landline calls.

You Can Call The UK Using Vonage.

Before you dial the UK using Vonage, consider these things.

  • Are you calling from a UK landline or cell phone?
  • The area code for the country you are calling is the UK.
  • The call cost number in the UK.

How To Call The UK Using Vonage.

This guide contains all you need to call the UK using the US. It includes information about area codes, country codes, and examples. These are the steps you need to follow to reach the UK via the US.

  1. This will notify your carrier that you are making an international call.
  2. Dial 44 to find the UK country code. This will tell your carrier that you are going to call the UK.
  3. For UK-based cell phones, dial seven after the area code.
  4. The UK has a total of 5 area codes. You can leave out the 0 if you encounter an area code beginning with 0.

Is It Expensive To Call The UK Using Vonage?

It can be costly to make frequent calls from the UK using your regular office landline or cell phone. It is worth considering other options if you make frequent calls to the UK from your cell phone or traditional office landline. It is used to Prepaid Mall in the UK.


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